Varanasi Village Tour

In a land of 7 billion villages and 330 million Gods, there is more off the map than there is on it if you are visiting India.Slowly and surely, rural tourism initiatives in India are connecting the present to the past, the avenues to the gallis, and people to people, making history, culture, craft and tradition relevant in a contemporary context.

The myriad lifestyles which strive to keep the dying culture rituals and traditions alive amidst growing modernity and imparting of basic knowledge on sustainability are the basic lessons rural Varanasi teaches you. Spend and a day away from hustle and bustle of the city and the usual travel itinerary and blend in with the heartlands of India. They teach us Gandhi’s principle of Sarvodaya and are living proofs to the fact that earth has enough for everyone’s need. So grab this opportunity to see how culture and traditions have been passed down over generations.

Whether through milking a goat, ploughing a field, harvesting rice, learning a few Warli strokes, building a greenhouse, watching fireflies outshine each other in the mating game, or simply sleeping under the stars, rural tourism initiatives are not just giving city-slickers a taste of life on the other side of the farm hedge; they are creating sustainable eco-systems, which provide alternate sources of income for village dwellers without straining their existing resources. A village tour in Varanasi has come up as an offbeat experience and attracting more and more tourist traffic as day passing.

If you are interested in knowing about the traditional roots of Varanasi, Varanasi Village tour is a must take tour! Explore the village mud houses, be invited for a simple yet delicious meal, enjoy the unpolluted surroundings and soak in the rural culture. It is sure that this village tour will leave you refreshed as well as inspired. 

Here are some rural villages in Varanasi that are waiting to be explored.

1) Ayodhyapur Village Tour
2) Lamhi Village Tour
3) The Sarai Mohana Village Tour

Being considered as best travel agency in Varanasi in terms of delivering services, only we have variety of tours available in each tour and Village Tour of Varanasi is not an exception. Since , every village has its own uniqueness you are requested to write us for detailed description of each Varanasi village tour.


  • Varanasi local guide [For safe and trusted trips we provide central Govt approved guides].
  • A private air conditioned car.
  • Sealed 01 Liter mineral water bottle per person.
  • All snacks.


  • Tips
  • Everything which is not mentioned into inclusions

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